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Message: Hello, this is Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz. I'm not in at the moment. You see, I ran out of mustard and have to go to the store. Leave your name and - [A sound of a door whamming down is heard] Perry the Platypus this is unexpected and by that I mean - completely unexpected. What are you doing here so early? It's not eleven o' clock... Wait, is this thing still reco - [Beep]

Capabilities: Talking, message machine
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Heinz couldn't believe himself, sure he was an evil scientist but he'd never fight his own daughter, willing at least. So, rather than his daily scheme to take over the Tri State Area, decides to make his father - daughter weekend, whatever she wants. Now, it's only a matter of waiting for her. After all, Heinz was evil, but good evil.
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Heinz was scambling with his perpared sized platypus trap to make it a full size person trap, "Vanessa, why don't you help me out here?"
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Dr. Doofenshmirtz was in the middle of his other evil thing of all time, - online dating.

He was optimistic. Maybe too optimistic because Heinz could make another click of a mouse he found himself, "In Paris? How the bumsen did I wind up here? And why am I in a tux? I never wear a tux on a date." As far as the good doctor was concerned labcoats where the way to go, "I must be dreaming." Pinching himself, "Ow!" Nope apparently not.

A waiter walks over, Are you Sir Doofenshmirtz?


This way, showing Heinz a table for two.

"This is all rather confusing..."

[Entry 4]

Nov. 12th, 2011 03:10 pm
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This whole week, I'm just so glad to finally be back at my penthouse. Though, it's a shame that cave hideout didn't work but what you going to do. Suppose, that was for the better, Vanessa might have had trouble finding where I was exactly and let's not even talk about Halloween. Expect, next time this place decides to do something like that, I want to be a part of it. Doing the scaring not being the scared.

Anyways, I took care of my mentor's request to blow up his secert lair. Yeah, I think I may check my membership benifits to see if that one is covered. You know in case, I'm arrested or worse.

I still can't believe my mentor wanted me to finish his work by setting FIRE TO THE SUN. Really, he has to get over that one.

I like to remain optimistic things will get better.

(Action spam open to Perry, Vanessa and Tails)
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It was just another day and Dr. Doofenshmirtz was sitting in his chair, "Ow, my head. I just felt like I was part of a musical that took place during the 1950's." He looks down, "And why are there Christmas lights tied around my waist? It's June. This doesn't even make sense." Slowly, the doctor gets up as he gathers the line of Christmas lights, still leaving the ones tied around his waist on.
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Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated, jingle can be heard as the building of Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated is seen before the shot changing to the inside. Where - "I, Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz am working on my latest evil plot, while I wait for Tails the Two Tailed Fox to ~show me~ some things about computers. I mean, I know how to turn computer on and off but as far as coding anything.... But first I'm in need of some ~evil coffee~."

(It's also not an epsiode, Heinz just needs to be up to something. Sorry Perry, the good doctor didn't finish his inator before you popped in)
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Vanessa. Isn't this exicting? We're finally going to have our father - daughter vacation.

[Heinz is with his at the start and will eventually probably lose her. Feel free to run into him. Anywhere on the grounds]

(Because the mun gives up on what is going on that 800 + post. Feel free to run into Dr. Heinz here for either Saturday or Sunday \o]
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You see the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated Building from the outside. Jingle. Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated

Dr. Doofenshmirtz was always looking forward to his father - daughter weekends. However, this weekend was going to be rather special he thought. Heinz couldn't recall the last time he had seen Vanessa happy about something. Even if the poor Doctor had blown himself to smithereens, rather then Perry the Platypus. Although Dr. D, has an uncanny nack for blowing himself up. For the first time ever Vanessa had liked her birthday.

As the Doctor was lounging in his chair all the way up in his building was relaxing and looking at all the pain and mistey of the world outside and fiendishly laughing at all of it.
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Wow... Well, that could had gone better.
It's her 16th birthday why wouldn't she want a party?

(From this. Heinz is totally planning a surpise party)
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Doofenshmirtz in all truthfulness felt bad for Tails but also that bad that he hadn't been the one to had caused Tails misery but mostly bad, but the try to be mad scientist couldn't let anyone know that of course. Having just been reinstated on the Evil Scientist Committee, Heinz couldn't risk ejection again. Least that anyone knew of. After attaining a world hop, which was strange and he really wondering, "Mmmm. I wonder how they did that." Before looking around at his surroundings, "You had to leave down at the bottom now I have to climb all those stone steps and - wait didn't Tails say there's a rope ladder?"

Finding the rope ladder slowly climbed his way up, "You know it's a good thing I'm not afraid of heights." As he was looking down, "Or else this would be really terrfying." Most likely this was a denial moment with Heinz but kept the man climbing the rope ladder. Before the fail mad scientist reaching the top, "Tails? Oh, Tails." In a rather crazy mad scientist tone, "I brought something for you." As he was looking around.
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Well, that was strange. Apparently, I don't have to sell bratwurst's anymore. The Evil Scientist Committee changed their minds suddenly and let me back on board. I wonder what caused the sudden change in decision making in the first place.
No, matter! I, Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz am back in the business of evil!
Which means ~ I will destory you Tails~

(Just so there's no confusion Heinz in the show is in an evil scientist committee on the show. Has NOTHING to do with DDD's creeper crew)
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That was a strange dream...

I dreamth I attended a school of magic and was in this Slytherin place inside the school of magic and took courses in Potions and Divination.

What did I have before I went bed? It must had been the cheese.
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Mmm, what do you know. Fran was right, all I had to do was post a few times around this site.

This site finally let me do my evil shopping. I'm not really sure what I'm going to use this blog for. I suppose it couldn't hurt right? I like to try to be optimistic.

Not to mention, this whole place is so unreal with it's world hopping and viruses.

I have yet to see any of this coo - koo even happen.

But why a site about ducks? I loathe ducks. They're all cute and fluffy and - This would actually make a good back story to tell Perry the Platypus.

Today, Perry the Platypus will not stop my - DESTRUCT - INATOR.

I got the platypus trap all ready too, I feel confident. Oh, yeah.
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Look it's a Platypus )
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 Warning Possible spoilers )

      Inator Name:                   Description:       Espiode Name:
1.Magnetism magnifier; Pulls the east in a westernly direction, there by reversing the rotation of the Earth ; RollerCoaster

2.   Destruct - Inator; Destroys Lawn Gnomes   Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror
3. Gaint Robot; To rain terror across the entire Tri State area Flop Starz

4. Deflection anry Blast; Deflects things that are deflectable The Fast and the Phineas

5. Age-Acclerator-Inator, Ages cheese; Lights, Candace, Action!

6. Slave Inator, Hypnotizes people; Raging Bully

7. Drill Inator, Drills holes though solid granite. Candace Loses Her Head

8. Gaint Magnet, to erase embarrassing phone messages off of someone else's answering machine; I,Brobot

9. Copy and Paste Inator; Makes clones; Run Away, Runway

10. Termite Controlling Helmet; The Magnificent Few *special note first episode with Vanessa

11. Death inator 5000 – Giant laser beam with a melting level of 7 on a scale of 1 – 5, for melting chocolate; S’ Winter

12. Voice Inator, makes everyone voice higher pitched then Doof’s; Jerk De Soleil

13. Wooden Inator – Attracts wood like metal to a magnet; Are you My Mummy?

14. Space Laser Inator – evaporates objects from space; I Scream You Scream

15. Brick Wall around the entire Tri State area and the only way out is though an official Doof, troll booth; Toy to the World

16. No inator this episode; Dating, Get that Big Foot Outta my Face

17. Monster Truck Away Inator, Do away with the competition; It’s a Mud, Mud World
18. Drill Inator – Drills holes though solid granite; Journey though the Center of Candace

19. Freeze inator ; It’s About Time

20. No inator this episode, Vanessa’s Birthday; Dude we’re getting the Band Back together

21. Poop inator, controls pigeons to hit a specific target; Tree to Get Ready

22. No inator for this episode, Moving; The Ballad of Badbeard

23. Norm the Robot; Greece Lighting
24. Gloom inator 3000, launches weather pellets into the atmosphere there by launching the Tri State area into a new Ice Age; Leave the Busting to Us

25. Shrinksphereea, makes anything really, really tiny so you don’t have to look at the things that bother you; Mom’s Birthday

26. Bread Inator, turns statues into bread; Crack that Whip

27. Slow Motion Inator, puts anything that gets hit with it, in slow motion; The Best Lazy Day Ever

28. Sandwich Suit Remove Inator, sucks all the sandwich suits that are on people and shred them to bits; Boyfriend from 27,000 BC
29. MiniErase Inator, erase all video signals, photographs any image; Voyage to the Bottom of Burford

30. No inator, Evil Scientist Convention; A Hard Day’s Knight

31. Norm the robot, Traffic Cam Caper

32. The Giant Robotic Peguin icy freeze your socks off breath inator thingy, so the entire city is frozen and he can sell his hot cocoa for a very high price; Bowl – R – Rama – Drama

33. No inator, Dog Show; Got Game
34. Steak Containment Unit and Heat Ray Inator, Comet Kermilian

35. Atomic Leaf Blower Inator, blows leaves away powerfully; Put that Putter Away

36. No inator, rewording a song; Does this Duckbill Make me Look Fat?

37. Destruction inator, evaporates anything it’s pointed at; Ready for the Bettys

38. Now who’s blinded by Sand Inator, dumps sand on your house; The Flying Fishmonger

39. No Inator this episode, tries to blow up his mentor’s hideout; One Good Scare Ought to do it

40. Monster Inator, turns you into a Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; The Monster of Phineas n Ferbenstien

41. A powerful laser that he tries to use to blow up the moon and no more stupid songs about the moon and a visit from his old evil science professor; Oil On Candace

42. No inator, makes a floating city on water in the Tri State Bay, Hail Doofania
43. No inator, spaceship to cast a giant puppet show on the moon; Out to Launch

44. Not in this episode - Phineas and Ferb get Busted

45. No inator, Baking Soda Volcano; Unfair Science Fair + Unfair Science Fair Redux


Season 2
Inator Name                  Description             Epsiode Name



















































51.      Paper Cut Inator, Shoots paper to give people paper cuts;   The Lemonade Stand 

52.  De - Evolution - Inator, de evolves whatever it's pointed at; Phineas and Ferb's Hawaiian Vacation; *July 9th, 2010*

53.                                        Phineas and Ferb: Summer Belongs to You; *August 2nd, 2010*

54.                                       Nerds of a Feather; *August 16th, 2010*




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